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Sustainability: Our Policies

My packaging mission is simple: safely send pottery and never buy plastic packaging material like bubble wrap or packing peanuts!

But the pottery I ordered arrived wrapped in bubble wrap, what’s the deal?

My potter business has sustainable packaging and shipping practice at the core of it's mission.  I believe it is my responsibility to reduce single use plastic and lead efforts of reusing and recycling by example. Recycle or reusing plastic or styrofoam packaging material is not common place and confusing while receiving packages is at an all time high. 

  • That is why ALL of the packing materials I use are reused plastic packaging material sourced from my local community of Anchorage and recyclable paper material.

  • I also believe the USPS is a fundamental institution in America and that we should celebrate it by supporting it.  That is why I exclusively use USPS’s flat-rate shipping and their fantastic recyclable boxes. 

  • I also proudly offer personal delivery of any purchase in the greater Anchorage area, packaged exclusively in recycled and/or recyclable paper packaging material (no plastic needed ever!).  

Sustainability: Our Policies
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